Monday, April 28, 2008

Benefit pay-off quiz coming this Thursday at Yellobar

Approximately forever ago, I donated a quiz for silent auction to the Pig Iron Theater Company's big winter cabaret fundraiser. It took a long while, but the details have finally been arranged with the high bidder. For months I heard nothing and assumed there were no bidders!

Thursday, May 1, 7pm

2425 Grays Ferry Ave.
Subject Round: MAY DAY

This is intended as a one-time semi-private event and although I'm sure no one would mind you stopping by to play for the heck of it, I can't guarantee much of anything in the way of a prize from the bar.

Incidentally the quiz went for $110. That's how much I'm worth on the open market for a short tryst. For $150, me quiz you long time.

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