Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gofa Wingdom defends their title at Frank's

Gofa Wingdom (pictured, left) rode the strength of two huge baseball rounds - scoring a ridiculous 96 of a possible 98 points in those - to top the field at Frank's. With the warmer weather the crowds are getting bigger, and louder, a mixed blessing. Where are all of these people in January?

Beautiful Gold: Gofa Wingdom 160
So-So Silver: Roy L. Pain in the Ass 136
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: B, K & the D 110


Marnie & Cara & 3 Really Nice People 86
Dons Quizzote 78
That's Not the Only Place You Can Dip a Soft Pretzel... 78
Team Awesome 46
Picky Bitchez* 40
Cheeky Shaggers 31
Philadelphia Eagles* 24
The Handcuffers* 2

* team quit

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