Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Clinton compares herself to Rocky

Link to article here. Um... [spoiler alert, sorry]... Rocky lost. Setting aside for a moment the extreme patronization of assuming that any Rocky reference will be eaten out of the spoon in these parts, is this really the best metaphor?

It's not even that I like Obama much, it's that this HRC person might be the worst, most manipulative fraud in the country, and I find everything coming out of her mouth increasingly shrill. Please, go away Hil... you got your White House Staff to abuse via a sham marriage of convenience, you got your book deal, you got your fame and fortune, you got a US Senate seat in a state you never lived in, you and your husband have sold every traditional demographic of Democratic voters downriver, cheap. You "won" in life, Satan owns your blackened soul, most of us lose and still don't even get to retain a shred of dignity thanks to the downsized economy you helped usher in.

The world's your oyster. You have the most toys. You usually get your way, I get it already. It becomes increasingly obvious that the strategy is to help McCain, surely a one-term president, win this year by trashing Obama (who has basically the same policy positions on everything anyway). Then you get to run against a feeble old man with a prolonged, unpopular war (which you also support) and a tanking economy in 2012. Screw America, screw the world - Hil's gonna get her way!

Oh wait...right... now I get it! Rocky wins in the sequel! My bad; great metaphor, Hil!
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