Thursday, April 17, 2008

Group W wins again

... with the assistance of part of Sofa Kingdom. The upside for the rest of you is that they still haven't recaptured the top spot in the All-Time Top Score list.

During the quiz I asked a question about Cambodia, prompting a Thai Frank's regular to complain that I never ask about Thailand. I then made a joke that next week I'd ask a round of Thailand questions and avoid anything having to do with the "inferior peoples of Southeast Asia."

Some folks took offense; I don't think it was generally realized or is generally known h
ere, but Thais do have a rather high opinion of themselves as regards their neighbors (most people do, but this strikes me as extreme). Lao, Cambodian and various Mon-Khmer peoples are considered outright inferior to and derivative of the Thai. I was lampooning that sarcastically; apparently this was unclear. Thailand even has a bit of a stick up its bum over the fact that Angkor Wat is on the Khmer side of the border.

Underlining all of this, check out this exhibit text from the Thai national museum. I took this photo in Bangkok a few years ago (click to enlarge):
Long story short "Hey Mr. Westerner visiting our country, we're the original people here and everyone else in the area is an inferior spin-off." This is right at the beginning of the exhibits; it's rather important for us to know apparently.

Beautiful Gold:
Group W 163
So-So Silver: The Roys Go Winding Down 148
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Good Service Is Not Cheap, Cheap Service Is Not Good 126


Dons Quizzote 104
Kenya 94
Martel 37
Herpes Outbreak!* 19

* team quit
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