Monday, April 28, 2008

Solutions to last week's Secret Theme rounds

Drinker's Tavern:

The theme was balls. Bear with me on that one...

1) What's the name (acronym) of the Moscow-based Soviet/Russian department store, founded in 1953 and still a tourist attraction? GUM / gumball
2) In 1968, Valarie Solanas shot Andy Warhol. She also wrote an anti-male screed; what is its title? The S.C.U.M. Manifesto / scumball

3) What Ohio university is the home of the Falcons? Bowling Green / bowling ball

4) What type of white blood cell is hypothesized to be attacked by the HIV retrovirus, unraveling the immune system? T-cells / T-ball

5) What funny internet catchphrase was popular in 2001-02, drawn from the poor grammar and syntax of the Japanese game Zero Wing for the Sega Mega Drive? All Your Base Are Belong to Us / baseball

6) What classic 1982 B-movie featured a deformed former Siamese twin named Belial? Basket Case / basketball

7) What does legendary blues guitarist B.B. King name all of his guitars? Lucille / Lucille Ball

8) What 1969 movie starred Shirley MacClaine, Sammy Davis Jr., Chita Rivera, Ricardo Montalban and the choreography of Bob Fosse? Sweet Charity / charity ball

9) What was Walt Disney's first full-length animated feature, released in 1938? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / snowball

10) What porn publication was founded in 1968 by Al Goldstein? It has won a number of legally important precedent cases and purports to be "The World's Greatest Newspaper." Screw / screwball

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

The theme was breakfast foods.

1) What British intellectual lived 1566-1626, is credited with inventing the English language essay, was a leader of the scientific revolution and is believed by some people to have authored the works of Shakespeare? Sir Francis Bacon

2) What country singer had a #1 hit on the pop charts and a Grammy for country single of the year for 1961's "Big Bad John"? Jimmy Dean
3) According to the Bible, what son of Noah is the father of all the peoples of Africa? Egypt is therefore referred to in parts of the book as the "Land of..." him. Ham
4) What British band had an incredible 18 consecutive singles hit the Top 40 in the UK 1977-82? They didn't sell nearly as well in the US, where they are better remembered for their 1978 album "All Mod Cons." The Jam

5) What public speaking/leadership organization was founded in 1924 in Santa Ana, California as Smedley Club #1? Toastmasters International

6) American meteorologist and mathematician Edward Lorenz just died at the age of 91. What concept did he propose which has a name fitting this round? The butterfly effect

7) In 1981 this person had a #2 pop hit with a cover of the Dave Edmunds song "Queen of Hearts"; name her. Juice Newton

8) In what chain eatery was Kid Rock arrested in October 2007 for beating a customer? Waffle House

9) What colonial major general captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British in 1775? Benedict Arnold / Eggs Benedict

10) According to the nursery rhyme/kids' song, who "lives in Drury Lane"? The Muffin Man

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