Monday, April 7, 2008

Answers to last week's sample Secret Theme rounds

Lyon's Den:

The theme was one-word band names.

1) What unsuccessful 1979 live action Disney sci-fi film was intended to compete with the Star Wars franchise? The Black Hole / Hole
2) What was the name of the TV show within the TV show Home Improvement? Tool Time / Tool

3) What 1864 Jules Verne sci-fi classic begins in Iceland? Journey to the Center of the Earth / Journey

4) In what 2005 film does Russell Crowe play Jim Braddock? Cinderella Man / Cinderella

5) What building stands at the NE corner of 2nd & Chestnut Sts. here in Philadelphia? Corn Exchange Bank / Korn

6) For what 2000 film did Benicio del Toro win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar? Traffic / Traffic

7) What 1902 Joseph Conrad novella became the basis for the movie Apocalypse Now? Heart of Darkness / Heart
8) What character did Carl Weathers portray four times in a series of movies 1976-1985? Apollo Creed / Creed

9) What American city is the largest in its state, the capital of its state and is located in a Suffolk County? Boston / Boston

10) What European monarch reigned 1837-1901? Queen Victoria / Queen

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

In honor of the beginning of baseball season, the first 9 questions of the fifth round served as the theme formers, and the final "extra innings" question did not. The theme was jersey numbers 1-9.

1) What 15-time All-Star played for the San Diego Padres 1978-1981 and St. Louis Cardinals 1982-1996? Ozzie Smith

2) Who pitched for the Dodgers 1954-55 only, yet had his number retired by them? Tommy Lasorda
3) Who finished his career with 573 home runs, beginning with the Washington Senators in 1954 and retiring after the 1975 season with the Kansas City Royals? Harmon Killebrew
4) What very famous baseball Hall of Famer attended Columbia University on a football scholarship and studied engineering? Lou Gehrig

5) What Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer led the NL in RBIs in 1970, 1972 and 1974? Johnny Bench
6) What Hall of Famer was born in Donora, Pennsylvania to Polish immigrants in 1920? Stan Musial
7) What Hall of Famer was known as the "Oklahoma Kid"? Mickey Mantle
8) What Boston Red Sox player was the AL MVP and Triple Crown batting champ in 1967? Carl Yastrzemski

9) What Pittsburgh Pirate hit the first-ever World Series-winning home run in 1960, against the New York Yankees? Bill Mazeroski

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