Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Docs win by one point at Drinker's, take overall lead in cumulative points for the April prize

Drinker's staff-based team The Docs won by the slightest margin last night, and opened up a bigger lead over King Shit (reigning Lyon's Den champs) in the ongoing race for the limited edition PBR bike, which a number of people really want. I have to admit it is very cool.

That's My Bike!!! missed the first three rounds and still almost came in third; a few more performances like that, and the name becomes true.

The bike is mounted on the wall at Drinker's, and will be given to the team with the most points accumulated by and including the final week in April. It's still quite possible for a team to start playing now and finish first. I plan to supplement that prize with some trivia goodies of the book and game variety.

Teams did so-so with the baseball round. I gave away a copy of the somewhat moot book Curse of the Bambino to the team that scored highest in that Subject round. Drinker's also continues to provide me with many high-quality prizes to give out, and pretty much everyone in the room is walking out with something cool, including a number of high-quality shirts and hats, Drinker's logo and otherwise. Right now there are a large number of female tops in my bag of goodies, so you ladies should come out next week and expand your summer wardrobe in a way that says "I am fond of alcohol!"

Beautiful Gold: The Docs 108
So-So Silver: 107
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: King Shit of Fuck Mountain 88


That's My Bike!!!* 81
The Yea Mon's 40

* team started late

Cumulative Drinker's Points for the Next Big Prize - April 29, 2008

The Docs 241
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 190 188
Tiger 135
The Bulldogs 105
That's My Bike!!! 81
The Yea Mon's 40
Gimmie a Tully 39
Ramrod 13

Just to simplify things, I'm going to drop teams from this list if they miss a few weeks and become mathematically eliminated from the tourney, although of course everyone is eligible for the weekly $25 tab and other prizes. Tiger was visiting from Virginia and won't be playing again, so you can discount them.

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