Friday, April 25, 2008

KSoFM wins at Drinker's, expands tournament lead by 15 points; next week is our first Big Prize giveaway!

King Shit of Fuck Mountain now has a 75 point lead after 5 of 6 weeks in tournament play. Note that anyone who walks in any week is eligible that night for the $25 gift card, drink specials and a number of other prizes; cumulative points are totaled in six-week cycles.

This coming Tuesday we give away the limited edition PBR bicycle and a number of trivia-related prizes I've acquired for this purpose. It was good to see people out for the quiz up against election returns, playoff hockey and a Phillies game. Folks had every reason in the world to be doing something else and Drinker's and I appreciate your patronage. Joke of the night:
McCain for President will also finish third in November. Those guys did get a First Amendment question wrong in the first round; coincidence..?

KSoFM has a "magic number" of 138 to clinch the tourney, a score possibly attainable in the fifth round if you kick serious butt in the first four.

Beautiful Gold:
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 146
So-So Silver: The Docs 131
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: McCain for President 78


Ramrod 77
Desol 29

Cumulative Drinker's Points for the Next Big Prize - April 29, 2008

King Shit of Fuck Mountain 618
The Docs 543

List truncated to teams not mathematically eliminated.
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Aaron said...

we want to see our awesome picture

Aaron said...

we want to see our awesome pic