Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gofa Wingdom wins close, low-scoring contest at Dirty Frank's; Quiz interrupted by police takedown of suspect fleeing on foot into the bar (really)

Gofa Wingdom won again. But who cares... the big news is that there was a Cops-, or if you prefer Run Ronnie Run- style police takedown of a running suspect who fled into Frank's open door full speed and got tackled in front of me at the immediate conclusion of the final round, as if on cue.

Dude was tackled by a large bike cop who immediately got backup from a few squad cars and about five other officers. The apparently ranking officer drew a baton and suggested he stop struggling or get a "lumping", and eventually he was led outside. During the melee I was pretty much pinned to the front bench, and got a ringside seat for the cuff. We have no idea why the fellow was being chased, but there was police discussion that "the female" was "not apprehended" and took off in another direction.

Smokers and gawkers reported that our suspect then wretched over the gutter for a while while cuffed, and was finally released from custody without being charged with anything. He eventually came back into the bar to retrieve his hat. At first thought it seems dumb to run into a ... er, dead end bar (interpret as you like...) to escape the police, but upon further reflection with all the witnesses around the guy might have saved himself an asskicking.

Overheard by one patron: he was running "because he was being chased." Fair enough, but why the chase..? And "the female", what about her..? Amazingly Koob from Sofa Kingdom was not in attendance; usually these types of things happen when he's at Frank's.

This reminded me of the atmosphere at 13th & Pine about a dozen years ago when I started going to Frank's, with the female-with-female-parts hookers doing the Pretty Woman thing and the crackheads from 13th & South trying to fence random stolen goods of little to no worth. Ah, the memories...

Beautiful Gold:
Gofa Wingdom 135
So-So Silver: W. Axl Roys 128
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Tobasco Rose 90


Dons Quizzote 82
Ass Butter Brown Walls 75
Me and God 73
Norkuckle* 7

* team quit

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