Wednesday, April 9, 2008

That's My Bike!!! wins big at Drinker's Tavern; The Docs retain slight overall lead in tournament despite fourth-place finish

Two observations: 1) The quiz is really taking off, which is great to see. Drinker's is generous with the prizes and that only makes sense. 2) Oddly enough, a team could still start playing next week and win the bike and other tournament prizes, in addition to the gift certificates, T-shirts and such on offer every week.

Beautiful Gold: That's My Bike!!! 151
So-So Silver: King Shit of Fuck Mountain 124
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: 114


The Docs 98
Toucans Are Better Than One 70
That's What She Said* 49

* team quit

Cumulative Drinker's Points for the Next Big Prize - April 29, 2008

The Docs 339
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 314 302
That's My Bike!!! 232
Tiger 135
The Bulldogs 105
Toucans Are Better Than One 70
That's What She Said 49
The Yea Mon's 40
Gimmie a Tully 39
Ramrod 13

Just to simplify things, I'm going to drop teams from this list if they miss a few weeks and become mathematically eliminated from the tourney, although of course everyone is eligible for the weekly $25 tab and other prizes.

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