Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Laura All Alone... wins easily at the Ray's all-baseball quiz

Does anything drain the fun out of Opening Day more than the Phillies' Opening Day performances? How about a forecast that calls for rain on top of a bombardment of a faulty bullpen, coupled with pulling the only pitcher on your staff to have a good outing for no clear reason?

It's gonna be a lonnnng season if that keeps up...

Not only was the quiz ill-attended, which I think was post-Phils depression and rain related, but the bar was slow across the board.

Laura All Alone to the Max Forever broke off from the Kisses for Kittens crew to test her baseball acumen and kicked butt in a hard quiz. I gave out a good deal of baseball-oriented prizes, including the pictured softball trophy, and I have a few more to distribute tonight and tomorrow night at Drinker's and Frank's, where the Subject round will be baseball at both locations.

King Shit of Fuck Mountain has apparently kicked off a trend of people throwing "fuck" into their team name. On the plus side, I might now get more random internet traffic than I had been...

Beautiful Gold: Laura All Alone to the Max Forever 114
So-So Silver: Edward James Almost Fuck 48
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Fuck Bitchez Make Money Pet Kittenz 47
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