Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beck Street Boys and Girl win their first quiz at Lyon's Den

Something might have just changed in the balance of power at Lyon's Den. Neighbors Beck Street Boys and Girl, who as the name suggests inhabit Beck Street just around the corner from the bar, wandered in and won the $25 certificate. They say they're coming back next Sunday; I hope they do.

Once again the Den teams came up with the least "family friendly" team names imaginable. The easily offended should just stop reading now. In fact, just unplug your computer and step away from the internet. I'd thought that this week's Secret Theme round was easier than most, but that ended up holding scores down.

Beautiful Gold: Beck Street Boys and Girl 131
So-So Silver: King Shit of Fuck Mountain 111
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: All Puffy Down There 97


Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits (Bobby Brown's Backhand) 74
T.C.'s Camel Toe 48

Eat a Dick with a Pickle on Your Head* 21

* team quit

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