Thursday, April 17, 2008

KSoFM wins their second quiz of the week, takes the lead in the Drinker's tournament

KSoFM kicked some butt this week, including an impressive 9 of 10 in the final round. These kids are for real. Two teams in the running texted the bartender to let us know they couldn't make it this week; that might be enough to take them out of the running for the bike and other prizes in this round of tournament play. With two weeks remaining, it's completely possible for The Docs to make up 30 points/quiz on average and win.

There was also a large, loud group from Atlanta who kinda played a round until it was announced that "we're too lazy to write shit down." Is that city still burning? If not, why?

Beautiful Gold: King Shit of Fuck Mountain 158
So-So Silver: The Docs 73
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Moze Ox* 10

* team quit

Cumulative Drinker's Points for the Next Big Prize - April 29, 2008

King Shit of Fuck Mountain 472
The Docs 412 302
That's My Bike!!! 232
Tiger 135
The Bulldogs 105
Toucans Are Better Than One 70

List truncated to teams not mathematically eliminated.
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