Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who exactly is a member of the National Trivia Association in Philadelphia?

Since my post about the NTA yesterday, there have been more denials this side of the New Testament.

First Johnny Goodtimes, after I emailed him about it, stated that he wasn't a member of the NTA, met with the guy once and didn't support their Wikipedia activity. Hours later I was emailed links to their first links page which lists Goodtimes as a member and to a MySpace page for "Quizzo76,", from an eagle-eyed Frank's player, which is identified as a "subdivision" of the NTA comprised solely of Goodtimes quizzes. As Quizzo76 is "MySpace friends" with Goodtimes himself, it's impossible for him to be unaware of the page even if he didn't create it.

Within the hour I had a Comment on the post from Maureen, who identified herself as the wife of the owner of the Grey Lodge Pub in the Northeast (not far from where I grew up in fact). It seems they've changed quizmasters and so far as she knows the bar is not affiliated. I took the bar off of the list with that caveat, and with the suggestion that she get the NTA to remove their bar from their materials.

Is the NTA creating entire subdivisions without the knowledge of the people who run the games? Did people sign on thinking this was a good idea and now are denying involvement that it becomes obvious that the NTA guy is a schmuck?

One thing's for sure. When you explain the way the NTA does business in a public forum, no one wants to claim an association. If you're involuntarily being included as an NTA member, I would strongly suggest contacting them with a demand for them to cease and desist including you as a member in their materials. I'm happy to print anyone's complaints about being unfairly included as an NTA member, but seeing as we're dealing with a dangerous and likely illegal attempt to start a small-potatoes cartel, I'm going to remain suspicious of whatever I'm told until information comes off of NTA materials. If people can gain from whatever "promotion" they get from NTA affiliation, I think it's also kosher for people to have the responsibility of being on board with what's done in their name by the group, and decide if they still want their names attached to the group accordingly.

A great irony here is that I wouldn't have even known about the NTA at all if it weren't for someone from them becoming aggressive and deleting me from Wikipedia. You'd think they'd be bright enough at least not to sign in as The Live Network when they did it...
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