Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Supergroup" Gofa Wingdom attempts to break 200 barrier; fails but dominates field at Dirty Frank's

Move over, Blind Faith, CSNY, Cream and The Traveling Wilburys - there's a new supergroup in town! Quiz titans Sofa Kingdom and Group W activated their Wonder Twin powers in the shape of a superteam and the form of a series of correct answers. For the past few weeks there were rumors of an attempt to see how well humans could do on my quiz by combining the Unstoppable Force with the Immovable Object. It came to pass and took me by surprise, so I have to say I was relieved when they finally lost some points, in the third round, in a quiz I innocently prepared as a normal, non-supergroup-defeating Wednesday challenge.

Let's face it, someone scores a perfect score on your quiz, and you're toast as a quizmaster. No more respect, no more cred. Lost face. Mixed metaphors. That sort of thing.

The team is now on the Top Ten All-Time Scores list with a 181, out of an unusual 213 points. I asked people to name the Seven Sisters colleges for one point each and let people earn that extra point as a normally 6-point question lagniappe. I had no idea in writing a quiz with an extra point that the most earnest attempt yet to score the highest score possible was about to go down. Gofa Wingdom fell 6 points short of Group W's 187 high-water mark and well short of the 200+ I initially feared. They were the only team to figure out the Secret Theme.

The photo is a rare sighting of the W duo in the visible spectrum, although it'd be easier to get a clear shot of Howard Hughes giving Bigfoot a pedicure.

Beautiful Gold: Gofa Wingdom 181
So-So Silver: Psychobilly Freakout 151
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Voice of Geddy Lee 134


Kenya et al. 122
Amy Winehouse's Rehab Counselors 107
The Flaming Labias 106
Wolverines* 72
Jay 61
Salt and Pepper* 1

* indicates team started late &/or quit

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