Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tongue for Pooches wins the Halloween-themed quiz at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar

Tongue for Pooches, a one-man team from the Chuzzlewit group which won three straight coming in to this week, topped the hapless Kisses for Kittens 87-75. K4K's full name this time around was Kisses for Kittens & Puppies & Babies & Unicorns & Centaurs, which is funny but couldn't help snap their losing streak.

As Tongue is a Chuzzlewitter I have to count that as a fourth consecutive victory. Anyone out there want to take these guys on? Low turnout allowed liberal distribution of my Halloween-themed prizes to a small room, as you can see in the photo of K4K below. It's like Christmas morning! Only it was evening... and in the back room of a bar. Maybe that was your Christmas morning growing up; if so we're all sorry to hear it.

The team won copies of the games 13 Dead End Drive (which appears to be Clue meets Mousetrap) and the mystery game/puzzle To Kill a... Mother-in-Law. Without knowing the first thing about the game, I already suspect the son-in-law.

Tongue won a copy of two vintage B horror movies on DVD, Atom Age Vampire and Revolt of the Zombies.

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1 comment:

Rose Muffin College Alum said...

Damn, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Rob the Tongue in all his goatee-less splendor...