Monday, November 19, 2007

Answers to last week's Secret Theme rounds

The two themes happen to be related this month as they were both classic American movies.

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

The theme was The Wizard of Oz.

1) What mostly American '80s hair band, whose best-selling Top 10 single was 1987's "Wait", featured a Danish vocalist named Mike Tramp? White Lion / Cowardly Lion

2) What astringent is produced from the leaves and bark of the plant Hamamelis virginiana? Witch Hazel / Various witches
3) What was the subtitle of the 1996 Kids in the Hall movie?
Brain Candy / The Scarecrow wants a brain
4) What Bellevue, Washington-based rock band broke big in 1975 after moving to Canada and signing with the small label Mushroom Records? Heart / The Tin Man wants a heart

5) For a week in September, 1986, CBS News anchorman Dan Rather signed off with a particular word he hoped would develop into a catchphrase. It bombed. What was that word? Courage
6) What comic strip, created by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart, and featuring Lackey, Bung and the Spook, was first syndicated in November 1964?
The Wizard of Id
7) What was the first British band to have a #1 hit on the American pop charts? The song was an instrumental and the year was 1962. The Tornados; the song was "Telstar"

8) How do you say "tree" in German? Baum (der) / L. Frank Baum
9) In the James Bond books and movies, what's the codename for the head of MI6? M / Auntie Em
10) Which state are you from if you're a Jayhawk?

Dirty Frank's:

The theme was It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

1) What active NFL quarterback was the 11th overall pick of the 1999 draft, out of the University of Central Florida?
Daunte Culpepper / Spencer Tracy portrayed Capt. Culpepper; the first three answers reference him
2) What national chain of retail gift stores, found mainly in malls, was founded in 1947 in Atlantic City, NJ? Corporate headquarters are still in South Jersey.
3) Who played Hustle Man on the Fox sitcom Martin?
Tracy Morgan
4) What is the sum of a perfect bowling score plus Roman numeral L?
300 + 50 = 350 / Everyone is searching for the "350 Gs"
5) What item commonly available on American restaurant menus is said to have been created during a dinner rush of visiting Americans on July 4, 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico?
Caesar salad / Sid Caesar
6) What TV character's first name was revealed six seasons into the show when another character had a conversation with his estranged mother Babs? Cosmo Kramer / Stanley Kramer directed the film
7) English, German, Polish, Welsh and Dutch are the only 5 European languages to use this letter of the alphabet for native (non-loan) words. Which letter?
W / The "Big W"
8) What actor made a rare out of character appearance as a "bad guy" in the Brady Bunch episode involving a visit to gold prospecting territory?
Jim Backus
9) What legendary American comic actor got his showbiz start as a jazz pianist, using the name "Ragtime Jimmy"? Think several decades ago.
Jimmy Durante, who portrayed Smiler Grogan, the man whose money everyone is looking for
10) What iconic graphic is originally attributed to Harvey Ball in 1963, working on an ad campaign for the State Mutual Life Insurance Company? Smiley face / Smiler Grogan again
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