Thursday, November 1, 2007

Can you figure out this week's Secret Themes?

Each group of 10 otherwise unrelated questions has a theme running through their answers. Can you answer the questions and figure out the theme? Answers will be posted in a few days. This week both Secret Themes were Halloween-related, although the component answers to each round were not. I accidently used the round I thought would've been better for the Ray's teams at Frank's and vice versa. Oops...

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

1) In what wretched 2005 flick, featuring Jennifer Tilly and Tim Curry, did Jon Lovitz provide the voice of a dog?
2) What Top 20 song for Don McLean in 1972 is widely and incorrectly believed to be titled "Starry, Starry Night"?
3) What word for a class of sporty convertibles was originally used for a type of horse-drawn carriage, itself derived from the fact that it looks like a certain type of creature from an aerial view?
4) This number is both Peyton Manning's jersey and the number of chapters James Joyce's Ulysses. Name it.
5) In the Archie comic books, what's the name of the blonde who vies for Archie's attention? I gave two points for the first name and two for the surname.
6) In what 1999 movie did Reese Witherspoon portray Tracy Flick?
7) Nebraska is the only state in the union which is limited to one execution method by law. Which one?
8) What 1960s-70s cartoon character, created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame, fought crime with a lion sidekick named Fred?
9) What's the subtitle of 2002's Star Wars: Episode II?
10) Whose first solo album, released 1968, was titled Lumpy Gravy?

... and what theme links the 10 answers?

Dirty Frank's:

1) What colloquial phrase in American English, meaning "everything," is comprised of two alliterative words which were themselves slang when the the term was coined, likely in the 1880s?
2) What 2005 British comedy movie tells the story of a failing shoe factory in a declining town?
3) What American comedienne writes a liberal column on Arianna Huffington's website?
4) What type of variable, used in computer science and formal logic, is also known as the "logical datatype"? Its values are either 0 or 1, interpreted as true and false.
5) What 1997 film, nominated for 3 Oscars, was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson?
6) What fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage, produced by E & J Gallo, is packaged for sale as either a wine or a malt beverage depending upon which state it's sold in?
7) Since 1969 this prestigious literary prize has been awarded annually to novelists writing in English who are citizens of either the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland. Name it.
8) Who was the primary catcher on the 1980 World Series Philadelphia Phillies team?
9) Who had a hit in 1963 with "Yakity Sax", known best as the background music for Benny Hill?
10) What genre of music, described as a Latinized r'n'b, was hugely popular with Puerto Ricans in both Puerto Rico itself and in New York in the 1960s and early '70s? Songs you likely know include "Watermelon Man" and "El Watusi."

... and what theme links the 10 answers?

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