Sunday, June 24, 2007

Your QuizMaster turns down question-swapping offer

FYI, I just had an email inquiry from a quiz host elsewhere in PA to swap questions, and I turned it down. He said he was having trouble coming up with new questions himself, as he hosts 4 of them per week (how this would work to my advantage if he's running a deficit already was left unstated...).

Personally, I'd love to have that sort of problem. Four quizzes/week is good money; if you have in mind one or two more bars in the area that are looking to host quizzes, let me know! Send them to the site! I'd happily take the business.

As it stands I come up with 102 questions/week, not including themes, while doing another job more than 30 hours/week. I don't find that to be too tricky, although sometimes concocting a decent Secret Theme round that's neither too simple nor impossible can take a little while longer than the others.

I want everyone to know that I research all of my material so that I can be personally responsible for the content, and so I can control the theming and the round difficulty. I never take questions from trivia books or games, but from original sources, and I take some pride in that. I know my references (as a professional researcher in other capacities I acutely appreciate the importance of this), I rarely make errors (1 problem in 1,700 questions thus far), if i have to I can rephrase a question accurately and so on down the line.

I figure that this original work is a large part of what I'm paid for and a big reason why regulars play my games as opposed to their many other options in the city. Any bozo can read things off of a page. It's like the difference between being a college professor and a standardized test proctor; which would you rather do? Other hosts are of course free to "steal" my leftovers that I post weekly; maybe some do. Let 'em; I'll just come up with better original questions each week.

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