Saturday, June 16, 2007

Johnny Gloryhole repeats at Ray's

All this time, I thought Johnny Gloryhole was a reference to a typical gloryhole user. As it turns out, he appears to be the mascot of the National Gloryhole Awareness Board. "Hey kids, July is Gloryhole Month!" The team was kind enough to draw us a depiction of JG this week.

They won by over 30 points. Good to see Kisses for Kittens return to Ray's! In the first photo we see an upset KfK member uncharitably giving back-to-back champs Gloryhole the ol' one-finger salute. As we see in the next filmstrip slide ("Boop!"), everyone made all happy lovey-dovey-like by the end of the evening.

Turtle Spaz Monkey Robot shocked the room by leading for the first four rounds before dropping to second. It was a world turned upside-down for a while there. This earned the miscreants a photo on the blog.


Beautiful Gold:
Johnny Gloryhole 134
So-So Silver: Turtle Spaz Monkey Robot 101
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Kisses for Kittens 100


Cosine of Four (-3) 70

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