Monday, June 18, 2007

What's the worst show on TV these days?

Just curious to see if I can finally get people using the Comments section. After 150 posts the only conversation that really took off in that feature of my site has followed when I dissed The Sopranos. I'm curious to see what people really hate on the tube, and it might be fun to watch my quiz regulars fight like on that freaky planet in the original Star Trek when they wanted Spock and Kirk to off each other gladiator-style. (You pretend not to know the reference, but that's just your superego protecting your inner geek.)


Cowbell said...

Now you've done it. You've mentioned Star Trek. A real geek might say that it was Spock and McCoy, if you're referring to the episode "Bread and Circuses," and they didn't fight each other, but alien gladiators.

But what kind of no-life rubber-ear-wearing spaz would dare expose her..uh, himself like that?

Personally, I nominate D-level celebrity reality shows.

However, the Best Bad Show on TV has got to be CSI: Miami. (aka CSI: Orange)

The antics of Caruso will have you howling with laughter. Even if it's just counting the number of times he puts on his sunglasses, or exits the frame to the left.

The other characters are just as bad from the coroner who talks to dead people to the crime lab guys excessively explaining things to each other. Even their names are ridiculous. And all the supposedly professional women dress like prostitutes.

It's badness elevates it to a perverse kind of greatness.

It is a loathsome, offensive brute of a show, yet I can't look away.

kbold said...

The only thing worse than D-level celebrity reality TV is wannabe D-level celebrity reality TV. I think E's latest offering, "Sunset Tan," is by far the worst (though admittedly I haven't actually made it through an entire episode). Apparently, if you have enough money, you can pay someone to come to your house and spray down your naked body until it achieves that fake, orangish California glow (hey, it's sunless AND soulless!)

I do, however, love VH-1's "Charm School." My new mantra--Mo-nique's First Commandment, "Check thyself before thou wreckest thyself."

QuizMasterChris said...

Thanks for the responses; thought this one would take off more! I have to say "Sunset Tan" is pretty awful; that might be my vote.

Cowbell said...

Wow. People watch E?

Chill Planter said...

Shaq's new reality show looks like shit.