Friday, June 29, 2007

Sofa Kingdom wins clash of titans at Frank's

Multi-league quizzo champs Sofa Kingdom managed to edge Group W by less than a single question, 142-140, on Wednesday night in a difficult quiz that jumped all over the place subject-wise.

W, pictured at right, was stymied by the Subject ("Beer") round, in which I asked
teams to correctly identify the home nations of 10 different brews. They could only manage 2 correct. They shone, however, in the Unreasonably Difficult round with 6 correct answers, but this was too little too late, and the mighty Kingdom held on to their thin lead. The visitors were helped along by a football-centric Speed round in which their 7 correct topped the rest of the field and put them in the lead for good.

It was great to see people come out despite the high temperatures and humidity, and the violent thunderstorm which flashed and boomed through much of the game. In case you were wondering,
yes we will do quizzes at both venues July 4, both the 3rd at Ray's and the 4th itself at Frank's. I can't promise a lack of thunderstorms this time, but I can promise two great sets of questions!

Captain America finished last by a
wide margin and therefore earned a used copy of the book 101 Uses for a Dead Cat.


Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 142
So-So Silver: Group W 140
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: The Sun Never Sweats 128


Captain America 26
Nine Eleven Was an Inside Job 25*

* indicates team started late &/or quit

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