Friday, June 1, 2007

Jet Czech wins big at Ray's, becomes first Ray's team to make All-Time Top Ten

Jet Czech won by a wide margin at Ray's on Tuesday, beating up on Cosine of Four 159-92. The 159 points ties them for the 10th all-time high score, sets a new Ray's record and also gives them a new Ray's margin of victory record with a big 57 point cushion.

The bulk of the difference was the 1967 audio round, in which Jet correctly identified 8 of 10 bands. This was an especially impressive showing as two members had just flown in that day from Turkey and were jetlagged. It was Cosine's first loss in a month.


Beautiful Gold: Jet Czech 159
So-So Silver: Cosine of Four (-2) 92
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Johnny Gloryhole 84


New York Defectors 47

Good to see the returning teams! Hope to see people again next week.

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