Friday, June 8, 2007

Johnny Gloryhole wins at Ray's

Three different champs in 3 weeks at Ray's. Johnny Gloryhole had a clear victory Tuesday, defeating Quizzo-cutioners 119-94 in the race for the top spot. For their efforts the Glorylads won some liquid comfort and a copy of the '70s touchy-feelie (un)game The Stamp Game: A Game of Feelings. You can see how happy this made them, too. It's a great game to pull out at a party if people are having too much fun and you'd like to lose a couple of friends and a great deal of dignity.

You can't make this up if you tried:

"The Game consists of 100 of each colored card (stamps). The stamps name seven predominant feelings, plus one unspecified, Anger ― Fear ― Happiness ― Confusion ― Guilt ― Sadness ― Embarrassment ― Wild Card.
General Directions
"1. Players sit in a circle, or if only two people they sit across from each other. 2. Stamps (colored cards) are placed in the center of the circle and in piles according to color. 3. Players pick up stamps that represent their feelings. The more intense the feeling the more stamps a player will pick up. 4. Players position their stamps in the order representing which of their feelings are most visible/most aware of down to those that are least visible/kept hidden. 5. Players take turns sharing their feelings in relation to their stamps and the feeling presented. 6. Other players offer feedback when player sharing finishes. This is optional."
"Oh please can we play with optional rule 6 this time? I don't get enough criticism in my daily life!" I love "Wild Card"; it suggests that things will only get worse after anger, fear, confusion and sadness. Don't forget to visit the article How the Stamp Game Was Created. I had a pet theory about Yakub, but it turns out to have been the work of Claudia Black, PhD.

The Ray's quiz is really taking off; rumor has it that Ray's legends Kisses for Kittens will be in the mix next week! We'll see them and you Tuesdays at 9pm!

Beautiful Gold: Johnny Gloryhole 119
So-So Silver: Quizzo-cutioners 94
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Drink to Fuck or So... 83


Paul E.* 24

*Paul E. only played the art round, and had the best score in it!

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