Friday, June 29, 2007

Crackaritaville wins low-scoring contest at Ray's

Crackaritaville a.k.a. Crackburgers in Camdendise, a team named in honor of Jimmy Buffet's Tuesday-night Tweeter Center concert, edged out the crowded field of regulars at Ray's to take the top position. You can see from the photo that these guys came out to kick a little butt.

Strange game; both one of the lowest winning scores and highest mean scores for all teams, ever.

Buffet was given his own day recently by the Pennsylvania legislature, which appears to be more concerned lately with tackling the problem of "not enough Jimmy Buffet days" instead of working on, say, funding SEPTA.

Wastin' away, again, in Harrisburg...

Your scores:

Beautiful Gold: Crackaritaville (Crackburgers in Camdendise) 111
So-So Silver: Johnny Gloryhole 103
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Kisses for Kittens 101


Cosine of Two 93
Grimace 92*

* indicates team started late &/or quit

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