Sunday, June 10, 2007

Answers to last week's Secret Theme round

The answers to this set of Qs follow, the theme was chemical elements. Almost every team figured this out at both bars; expect this week's themes (there will be two different ones) to be a bit less easy.

1) Oxygen

2) "Lithium"
3) Iron Chef
4) Krypton
5) Mercury
6) Aurora, which led to the Latin name for gold and chemical symbol Au

7) Alfred Nobel, honored with nobelium
8) Thor, the Norse god being the namesake of thorium

9) Silver Surfer

10) Arsenic and Old Lace


Anonymous said...

When you post the answers, can you please post the questions next to them. The scrolling is driving me nuts.

Irish John

QuizMasterChris said...

Is that really John? Hello if so... Regardless, it's a good idea & I think I'll start doing that.