Sunday, June 24, 2007

Call Us the Lightning wins at Frank's with impressively high score

Call Us the Lightning, a somewhat awkward reference to the great Who song "Call Me Lightning," edged out Group W at Frank's last week, 167-162 (both scores make the All-Time Top Ten list). Their most impressive round was the Subject round, in which they answered 10 of 10 questions about Central America correctly. Yowsa. Call them the winners!

These guys have now won 3 times, and are one of only 3 teams to have beaten Group W at the venue. Good to see the newcomers Hershey Highways, who actually are transplants from Hershey, PA. That weird smell here ain't chocolate, but you'll adjust eventually.

Once again the 9-11 conspiracy team won Last Place among teams who stuck around for all 6 rounds. No offense, guys, but if I'm going to take advice on world affairs from a pub quiz team it's likely to be from one who scores triple what you do. Curiously the team also won a spot prize, a paperback copy of the first volume of The Book of Lists. This week's Last Place prize was a 2004 copy of the Guinness Book of World Records, so that they can read what the world's tallest building... was.

Beautiful Gold: Call Us the Lightning 167
So-So Silver: Group W 162
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Hershey Highways a.k.a. 322 111


Schuessels 87
The Muff's 'n' Stuffs... [sic] 65
Team America 64
9-11 Was an Inside Job, Osama bin Laden Is Innocent 55
Daedlus' Gift* 49
The Skinny Bitches* 27
The Tanukis* 9

* indicates team started late &/or quit

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