Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly winners' round-up; Sofa Kingdom wins all-film quiz easily, ties all-time record

The All-Universe team Sofa Kingdom destroyed everyone in the all-film quiz at Dirty Frank's. Their score of 187 ties the highest score ever attained in this format, as noted in the Top Ten list at right. Note that in the rules I set out for that list, the team to notch the score first in a tie gets top billing, thus the Group W tied score still atop the list as I do need to make that determination somehow. This is the first time anyone has changed the list at all in a few months, and the first time in 2008. Well done! Group W finished in second place for the second week in a row, admirable for anyone else but a poor showing for them. The Movie Monster broke off of the Lil' Roy team and beat them by 3 points, setting up a good-natured(?) intra-team rivalry.

Not a single customer was drawn in from the One Film, One Philadelphia promotion, and Frank's was the place with the correct address on the flier. Make of that what you will.

How can I blame people for not stopping by? They can't even feel safe. The game was delayed repeatedly by a drunken, violent Frank's employee who no one seemed completely interested in controlling or removing. Apparently hitting people, loudly challenging the entire bar to a fight and throwing furniture isn't enough to get a person fired let alone flagged, even barred within the same evening. The atmosphere in the place goes all to hell when someone drunk and stupid acts up or becomes violent, and the continued tolerance of that is a disgrace for which I can only apologize. I worked pretty hard on trying to make this a decent special program for peaceful patrons, and it got shat upon by an employee. Thanks. One problem customer drives out 20 good ones; why is that hard to understand?

Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 187
So-So Silver: Group W 129
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: The Movie Monster 114


Lil' Roy & the Raiders of the Lost Ark 111
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 91
Don Quizzote 78
The Centaur 72
Regular Joes 70

Kenya 59

The Movie Monster at Frank's was Yes I Cannibis at Lyon's Den on the Sunday night at the Oscars-themed game. He won first easily.

Asking trivia questions in a bar should be the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately some people I need to work with seem to attempt to make this as difficult as possible, as witnessed by the failure of anyone at Lyon's Den to let me know that the game would start three hours late because of a long-scheduled Oscars party with a cover charge (oddly I never saw a flier or sign for this until that night). Needless to say by the time the game rolled around, not many people wanted to begin playing at 11:20 on a Sunday night.

If you were inconvenienced by this or turned away the door, I apologize again on behalf of the venue. I was more surprised than you if that's any consolation.

Beautiful Gold: The Movie Monster 115
So-So Silver: Oscar Nite 82
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Taint Misbehavin' 80


Davey 70
McClouds 70
From tha Door 29

At least I don't need to apologize for Ray's this week.

Beautiful Gold: Andres & Co. 93
So-So Silver: Team Nick 81
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Edward James Almost 71

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