Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Group V easily wins inaugural Lyon's Den quiz

I couldn't find a decent image of the bar online, but oddly I did find this. Next time I'm by I'll take a stock photo to keep on file.

Half of the dominant Frank's Group W team showed up at Lyon's Den following the Giants' surprise victory and kicked some butt of his own. Good to know I suppose that some dynasties can be counted upon...

The crowd seemed to have a great time, as did I. We'll be kicking off the Sunday night quizzes at 8 to make sure people can get to work on Monday morning in slightly better condition. The bar has Lionshead (of course!) on tap, which is cool... don't see that everywhere. Scores:

Beautiful Gold: Group V 138
So-So Silver: GFY 65
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: T & Steve 63


The Third Wheel 59
Perfect Strangers 57
Dick & The Foreskins 45
The Unliklies* 34

* team quit

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