Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Film, One Philadelphia, two big quiz events!

The Free Library of Philadelphia, having apparently determined that their budget is too large and some of it needs to be shifted to promoting privately-owned local bars, is promoting several local quizzes at the end of February/ beginning of March.

This is all part of the
One Film, One Philadelphia program. The idea is that we should, as a city, all watch the same movie and discuss it. This year that movie is the Steven Spielberg film Empire of the Sun, the movie that gave Christian Bale his start. The library system also runs One Book, One Philadelphia, more of a challenge of course as this requires reading. You can read more about the program, which includes free city-wide film screenings, in this Inquirer article from yesterday. My Ray's and Frank's quizzes are on the One Film events calendar.

February 27 all 6 rounds of the Dirty Frank's quiz will be on movies. On March 4, all 6 rounds of a completely different Ray's Happy Birthday Bar quiz will be on movies, thus you can play both. I will not be asking more than one question about Empire of the Sun at either venue despite what the site reads; this will be a fun general movie knowledge quiz. Lyon's Den unfortunately contacted me about doing a quiz too late to participate, thus that week's quiz will be general knowledge.

I'm not yet sure how many prizes I'm getting from the library to distribute, but one way or the other I'll make sure there are plenty of movie-related prizes on hand for the top 3 teams at least, and maybe some shout-out prizes as well.
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