Monday, February 25, 2008

Answers to last week's Secret Theme rounds

Lyon's Den:

The theme was streets in South Philly, all of which run East-West so as to make an undeniably specific category.

1) Which US state is the Beaver State? Oregon / Oregon Ave.

2) Johnny Roventini (1910-1998) had a catchphrase in a classic popular radio and TV ad from several decades ago. What product did he push? Philip Morris (link to Roventini memorial site; listen to his distinctive ad pitch!) / Morris St.

3) The Oakland A's retired the number 9. Whose number was that? Reggie Jackson / Jackson St.

4) In 1889 this became the 42nd US state. Which one is it? Washington / Washington Ave.

5) For what 1994 Mike Nichols-directed movie was Jack Nicholson not nominated for any award? Wolf / Wolf St.
6) Her 2000 album I Wanna Be with You, which went gold, was a remix of her 1999 album So Real. Who is it? Mandy Moore / Moore St.

7) What English borough is home to 0 degrees longitude? Greenwich / Greenwich St.

8) Who played new homeowner Delia Deetz in the 1988 movie Beetlejuice? Catherine O'Hara / Catherine St.
9) What American socialist journalist wrote Ten Days That Shook the World, his account of the Soviet Revolution, published in 1919? He's buried at the Kremlin. John Reed / Reed St.

10) What religious group was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century? Christian Science / Christian St.

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

The theme was units of time.

1) In 1956, this singer had a #2 song on the US pop charts with "Whatever Will Be, Will Be" from the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much. Who was it? Doris Day

2) In 1972, Badfinger had a #4 on the US pop charts with this song produced by George Harrison. Name it. "Day After Day"

3) What was Al Stewart's best-selling single, a #8 in 1977? The title of the song is also the title of his best-selling album. "Year of the Cat"
4) What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1946, a somber story of returning World War II vets adjusting back to civilian life? The Best Years of Our Lives
5) What was the highest-grossing film of 1996, #25 on the list of all-time highest-grossing movies? Independence Day
6) What important historic event occurred on June 6, 1944? D-Day (Normandy invasion)
7) What 1991 movie centered around the possibility of a homosexual fling between John Lennon and Beatles' manager Brian Epstein? The Hours and Times
8) What ABC show had its pilot air immediately following Super Bowl XXII, won the 1988 Emmy for Best Prime Time Comedy, and ran another 5 years without winning the Emmy again? The Wonder Years
9) What 2002 romantic comedy paired Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant? Two Weeks Notice
10) What TV show set a record of 23 consecutive seasons in the Top Ten of the prime time Nielsen ratings, 1977-2000? 60 Minutes

Dirty Frank's:

The theme was fruit.

1) What 1991 movie starred Ethan Hawke as Tom McHugh, a man who gets entangled with tongs (Chinese-American gangs)? Mystery Date
2) What soap opera replaced "Another World" on NBC in 1999? Passions / passionfruit
3) What classic Sunday comics reporter worked for a newspaper called The Flash? Brenda Starr / starfruit
4) What movie character from a popular 1993 movie owned a dog named Zero? Jack Skellington / jackfruit
5) What Ukrainian political movement made headlines in 2004-05 while backing candidate Viktor Yushchenko? Orange Revolution
6) What Led Zeppelin song from their third album (1970) opens with the lyric "Measuring a summer's day..."? "Tangerine"

7) What 1954 novel by Simone de Beauvoir tracked the progress of the existential movement in post-war France, and won the coveted Prix Goncourt? The Mandarins / mandarins
9) In 1975 this specialty magazine was founded as The Strategic Review. In 1976 it changed its title to its current one. In 2007 it went internet subscription-only. Name it. Dragon / dragonfruit
10) What was Orson Welles' character's name in the classic film The Third Man? Harry Lime

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