Monday, February 25, 2008

Wrong Ray's address, wrong time in One Film, One Philadelphia mailer

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar is located at 1200 E. Passyunk Ave., near 9th and Federal Sts. There is no 200 E. Passyunk Ave. Hopefully any of the 25,000 people I understand got the mailing who are trying to find Ray's via an internet search might stumble across this post. The all-movie quiz there will be on Tuesday, March 4, at 9pm... not at 8pm as the One Film mailer reads.

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Normally I might not find this sort of typo quite as irritating, but there have been a series of problems with my participation with the program. Initially the website and mailer text had switched the nights and weeks of the Ray's and Frank's quizzes, which would send people to the wrong places at the wrong times. I called in a correction.

These things happen I suppose (?), but the initial reaction of my library contact to pointing out the gaffe was to suggest that we all switch the days and locations of the two quizzes! That's right, a hundred or so patrons and employees of both bars should switch up their schedules over four nights, maybe reschedule some other bar activities planned for nights we're not normally there, travel to a bar further away from your regular spot, give up whatever tips might be generated from the additional business or swap work schedules... in order to make a couple of typos "correct." This all assumes that the bars work for me, and not the other way 'round, that I have control over these things. Imagine the phone calls to two bar managers "Hi, yeah, this is Chris... could we switch up your schedule this week? There was a typo."

Fortunately before I could blow a blood vessel in my head typing out a response to that, I was recontacted with the info that the problem was caught at the printer's and corrected, so maybe I should just go ahead and, y'know, keep to the normal schedule that regulars expect. The Ray's address and game time, however, were now incorrect on the mailer, and I didn't get a look at that before they went out.

Now, even this might not be so much of a problem if my phone number were included in contact info as I requested. Instead the Ray's number is listed, and assuming that you call that when someone is there to answer (there's no voicemail), most employees who answer the phone have no idea what I do there or certainly what One Film is. Even this might not be such a problem if the mailer included this website, but it doesn't. In fact the text is laid out poorly enough that three of the four quizzes (two of them mine) have no info at all about who is hosting them, or how to contact us. You can't even Google "Quizmasterchris" if that doesn't appear anywhere on the flier, and it doesn't. Of the few dozen events on the mailer, mine are the only ones with no explanatory material. Any reader is left with the impression that a fellow named Scott of Fancy Pants Cinema is running all four, when he's doing one of them.

Prediction: No one who wasn't already aware of the Ray's quiz will be there. For once, I thought, it'd be nice to have someone else promoting the quiz. So much for that.

Even all of this might not irk me so much if I didn't get a phone call suggesting that my attitude toward the program was problematic! Sheesh...

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