Thursday, May 10, 2007

Would you have known this week's Secret Theme?

Owing to a combination of the light turnout at Ray's and the fact that the Secret Theme round is the hardest to come up with, I used the same one at both quizzes this week. Normally that isn't going to happen, but I knew no one was playing both nights this time, and I liked this round, so I thought why the heck not.

These were 5-point questions with an 8 point bonus for figuring out how the answers were linked. Both winning teams and the second place team at Frank's nailed the Secret Theme. How 'bout you? Remember that if you think you know the theme you can work backwards from that to figure out other answers.

1) Name the Jesuit university in the Uptown section of New Orleans.
2) Passed in 1890, this act you learned about in high school was the first US federal government action against monopolies. Name it.
3) What was Nick Lowe's only Top 40 hit in the US (it came in 1979)?
4) What former CBS News president and well-regarded journalism figure resigned from CBS in 1966 because they ran an episode of I Love Lucy in place of US Senate hearings on Vietnam?
5) Proctor & Gamble introduced Tide, their best-selling laundry detergent, in 1948. What's their second best-selling detergent, which debuted in 1951?
6) What current major league baseball team was known as the Beaneaters, Doves and Rustlers in its early history?
7) What common American product is called Flash in the UK and Mr. Proper on mainland Europe?
8) What car rental company was bought by Chrysler in 1989 and merged with Dollar Rent-a-Car?
9) Which Beatles album produced two #1 singles in the US - "Ticket to Ride" and the title track (which I obviously can't tell you...)?
10) What popular ice cream/restaurant chain was founded in 1935 in Springfield, MA?

... and what's the theme of these answers? I'll post the solution in a few days.

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