Friday, May 4, 2007

Group W continues mauling everyone at Frank's

I heavily diluted the quiz at Frank's this week with some 17 movie questions, 8 TV questions, 4 sports and 1 celebrity news. I made the Before/After round year 2005, making it less a history round than a current events round (and one without much possibility to answer "After," reflected in 9 of a possible 10 Before events.) I even made the Secret Theme theme something directly related to Frank's itself so that regulars might better be able to get the 8 bonus points.

None of this helped change standings, as Group W cruised to another victory, surpassing Team Edward 147-99. Last week Team Edward called themselves Team Mike and placed last, so this was quite a turnaround for them. A perfect American Geography round propelled them to So-So Silver. Smell the Glove moved from their usual 2nd place position to 3rd with a frustrating 98. They should not be forced to smell the glove... well, at least not over and over...

The infamous W shuns the photographic lens like a rare Southeast Asian leopard, thus I represent them here with Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma and little Pebbles. Pebbles is last week's Mr. Ball, who is the first to note he serves as more a team mascot than a contributor.

I was surprised to learn that some teams couldn't name Fred's wife in the easy round (I got a
few "Betty" answers, which was Barney's wife) and two teams thought Justin Timberlake had been married to Britney Spears for the past couple of years. If there was one piece of information that I thought had been pounded into the head of every American above the age of 5, I thought it was the K-Fed thing. I was wrong.

The recent pop culture question glut somehow managed to lower the average score about 10-20 points. I'm not sure how that happened, but it happened.

We had to scratch three questions owing to drunks and stooges shouting answers. Thus the scores are out of a possible 202 and not 212. I am fully well sick of that crap. It becomes impossible to market this quiz to people who enjoy the quizzo thing and usually play at other bars and retain the new people for more than one visit if a comparatively small (but loud) group of regulars can't behave at a minimal standard of middle class behavior. I can't grow the quiz and ensure that it continues if the business trails off because people are frightened away, and it seems almost every damn week we have one or two new teams I've brought in through aggressive (if low budget) marketing who walk out, never to return.

I'll remind people who want to be there that you should tell the staff if someone is annoying you, directly or indirectly, by ruining your ability to participate in the activity you showed up specifically to do. They need to change their behavior or leave, not you. And don't be shy about telling someone to shut up or stop bothering you if you need to, this is well within your rights as a paying customer.

Everyone walked out a winner at this quiz. Every team who stayed through the duration received a prize, either a certificate from the bar or a new copy of the CD Toolbox Classics, classical music played on power tools. No, really.

Your scores:

Champs: Group W 147
So-So Silver: Team Edward 99
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Smell the Glove 98


Das Sauerkraut a.k.a. Group XYZ 64
My Glass Is Empty 62
Debauchery Parade 48*

* indicates team arrived late &/or left early

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