Thursday, May 10, 2007

Four records set at Frank's; two positive

Seemingly unstoppable, Group W not only won again at Frank's, but broke their own high-scoring record in my quiz format with an absurd 187 points. We also had a new record of largest disparity between the highest and lowest score for any teams who played the whole game, 162 points.

I have the duo depicted here as Bonnie and Clyde, as I still can't get a photo and they do seem to be robbing Frank's in the free drinks department. Chalk up another $25 in Demon Rum to W.

In any other venue against any other competition The Horror, The Horror's very impressive 169 points would have won easily. They did at least make the all-time top ten list at right, set a new high score record for a second place team and walked away with a $15 certificate to Frank's.

The third place team ($10 certif
icate) had the best name of the night, Life Is Short. Get a Divorce. The link is to the news story in case you missed it.

It was a very pleasant crowd so I gave out some spot prizes for verbally answered questions at the end of the game. Great night, thanks folks.

9-11 Was an Inside Job played with a great attitude the whole game despite a score of 25. For their efforts the guys got a couple of brand new copies of the CD soundtrack to Black Spring Break.
In order to win the last place prize you need to appear to me to be trying to win and stay for the entire contest. No doubt Dick Cheney and the Illuminati are holding them down. "FNORD!" Scores follow.

Beautiful Gold: Group W 187
So-So Silver: The Horror, The Horror 169
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Life Is Short. Get a Divorce. 68


I'm Awesome (as a whole) 58
I'd Pee in Her Butt 42
9-11 Was an Inside Job 25
The Kindreds 2*

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

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