Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cosine of Four (-2) wins at Ray's

The two teams who have shown up most frequently and cheerfully to each of my quizzes won this week. Over at Frank's we had the usual champions Group W, but I'm happy to be able to blog that Cosine of Four, in this case modified with (-2) to indicate two missing players, finally triumphed at Ray's. Despite a poor Speed round (chemistry), they were the only team to nail the Secret Theme and the by far the best team in the literature-themed Subject round. Good job!

For their efforts they received drink credits and a copy of the rudely blunt trivia-oriented board game Fact or Crap. Cosine wanted me to pass along thanks to the other teams for "sucking
more than we did." Done and done!

Second-place Davis/Kate Cup went home with a copy of the comparatively ancient board game Run for President. This is a great game if you want to learn all about Electoral College apportionment... in 1988. I understand the game features a bonus round of extra points for avoiding being photographed in a tank.
These guys also taught me something Tuesday night - they still make Ballantine Ale! Who knew?!

Tavis taught us all a valuable lesson this week: If there's a Spanish language question, and you have a Mexican guy on your team in the other room, wait until he comes back in before turning in your answer sheet...

Ray's is sticking by the quiz despite our poor turnout this week. It's a great venue - we have the room to ourselves in the back, there's a TV back there to catch the Phils games while you play, great ethnic foods are right at the doorstep and I don't even need to use a microphone. This week every team went home with a prize. Consider coming out some night soon!

Your scores:

Beautiful Gold: Cosine of Four (-2) 109
So-So Silver: Davis/Kate Cup 66
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Tavis 46


You, because you weren't there 0

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