Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Off the Wall Gallery opens 2007 season

Seeing as I do a quiz at Frank's, it seems to make sense to do a bit of cross-marketing and alert you to the activities of the Off the Wall Gallery, the independent gallery which you've no doubt noticed always has works for sale on the north wall of the bar.

This email promised "Music and Clowns and Booze ,Oh My!," and I try not to mix clowns and booze (stuff 22 people in a little car and someone's bound to get a DUI for sure...) but it sounds like a fun event for a good cause regardless.


Come join us at The Ellen, as we kick off our 2007 season in the Art Garden.

The Ellen is located at:

The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum
3819 Hamilton St. Philadelphia, Pa 19104

$5.00 donation is requested.

Every Second Friday, The Ellen presents Carnivolution, which is hosted
by Jelly Boy the Clown and and The Hydrogen Jukebox

The 2007 season will also feature weekly events in addition to

Beginning Wednesday May 23rd, The Ellen will present a movie night.
The inaugural movie night will feature Fellini's La Strada, and
subsequent weeks will feature movies by local film makers. (more
movie info to follow)

In terms of Music, The Ellen will be hosting many different bands
throughout the Summer.

Saturday 5/19th will feature Leanna's Song (Reggae)
Saturday 5/26th will feature The Great Unknown

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