Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blow dies of... um... blow?

Apparently a Brit fashion maven named Isabella Blow died of a drug overdose. Blow died of an OD? What's next, a newly released Titanic passenger list featuring Mr. I. Glubglubglub?

There are so many possible awful puns here that I don't know where to begin. A mob hit would've been the "Blow job" and if she went out in the can like Elvis we could surely do something with "Blow to the head." Dispatching her in a wood chipper in the manner depicted in Fargo results in "Blow chunks," which might also be what happens with the first officer on the scene. One also wonders if the obit should be for Ms. Isabella Blew.

Apologies if you knew the lady, I'm sure the news came as quite a... er, uh ... shock. No, y'know what? You're rich and famous, you have things most of the world dreams of, and you (yes, here it comes) blow it all on drugs? Limited sympathy from this corner.

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