Friday, May 25, 2007

Break up Cosine! Threepeat at Ray's

After going something like 0 for their first 8 attempts, Cosine of Four (-2) no longer seems capable of losing the Tuesday night quiz. After a poor start they staged a comeback and edged out Edward James Almost - who'd been leading the entire contest - by one question in the final round, 94-89. It was a tight contest, as the third place Johnny Gloryhole finished with an 88.

Gloryhole violated Randolph's Law by not finishing last, and it was good to see recent transplants and new faces New York Defectors lose their pub quiz virginity.

Again the audio round went well technically but with poor scoring, as E.J. Almost had the only strong round, identifying 9 of 10 classic TV theme songs. Here we see the one-man team hard at work, which is just how the work release program likes to see him...

This was the third straight week at Ray's that a team inexplicably blew a question that they had specialized knowledge about. Two weeks ago a team with a Mexican national screwed up a Spanish language question, last week a German was overruled on a correct and probably game-winning answer of "Germany," and this week a person who has written songs for the guitar apparently forgot how many strings a (non-bass, non-12-string, non-weird in any way) guitar has. Your standard guitar has 6 strings, as witnessed by the slang "six-string."

The Ray's quiz is moving in the right direction, we're picking up steam and we're becoming a nice competitive good time in a great atmosphere. Stop by Tuesdays at 9pm!

I gave out the usual complement of offbeat CDs and boardgames to our winners, including the famed Last Place Prize.


Beautiful Gold: Cosine of Four (-2) 94
So-So Silver: Edward James Almost 89
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Johnny Gloryhole 88


NY Defectors a.k.a. Donkey Punch a.k.a. Requiem for a Beer 42

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