Friday, May 4, 2007

May Day questions from earlier this week

I asked a round of May Day-related questions at Ray's this week on May Day itself. As the Frank's quiz has been pop cultured (if this is a verb) for lowest common denominator appeal, Ray's was the place to do this subject round. This photo is from NYC in 1908. You have to love the English-language Irish and Yiddish signs at the same rally. How many of these would you have gotten right? Answers will be posted in a few days.

1) The distress call "May Day!" is a homonym for a French phrase that's pertinent to your distressed situation. What does this phrase translate as in English?
2) What May 1,1886 event in Chicago led to the establishment of May Day as an international labor day?
3) What nominally autonomous province of Yugoslavia had its administrative capital at Novi Sad?
4) Who was the leader of the government that was overthrown by Lenin and the Bolsheviks in 1917 (not the czar, the head of the Russian government)?
5) In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis take place?
6) In what year did the USSR officially dissolve?
7) What was the only communist country ever to host the Winter Olympics?
8) From 1975-1978, Cuban troops fought with the leftist MPLA in what African nation?
9) More than 700 dissident intellectuals signed a human rights declaration called Charter 77 in 1977 in which communist nation?
10) In 1921 Soviet troops helped a revolutionary movement create the world's second communist country. Which country was that? (It was never incorporated into the Soviet Union.)

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