Friday, May 18, 2007

Cosine of 4 (-2) ekes out another win at Ray's

Cosine of 4 (-2) did it again at Ray's, and have become the first team to repeat victory there. Neither venue has a new champion this week.

Cosine's slim victory was helped along by an incredible lapse of judgment on the part of second-place Schluessels, who had a player from Germany on the team. In the final round I asked which country has the world's highest rate of paper and cardboard recycling. The answer is Germany, and the German suspected as much, but yielded to the team's American contingent to change the answer to Sweden. This 6-point unforced error cost them the game.
(Last week we had a team with a Mexican ignore him on a Spanish question - people, listen to your migrant workers!) The team is pictured here mocking being poor sports about it all.

Although people scored poorly in the audio One-Hit Wonder round, I thought the technical end worked very well and people in the bar who opted out of playing had their curiosities piqued.
I'm going to run with this and make an audio-driven music round a regular feature at Ray's. Once again, the venue is excellent and we have a room to ourselves, but continued wretched attendance might kill the quiz. If you're interested in checking the quiz out, or would like to have the option of attending at Ray's in the future, now's the time to come on out.


Beautiful Gold: Cosine of 4 (-2) 103
So-So Silver: Schluessels 99
Paul E.* 70

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

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