Sunday, May 20, 2007

Answers to last week's Secret Theme rounds

If there's a more infotaining group of links on a quiz blog on the web, I'll eat my... um, lunch! Your answers to these questions follow.


1) Wilson
2) Brian
3) California
4) theremin
5) Rhonda (Lee)
6) Dennis the Menace
7) Love
8) Ivy Mike
9) The Dick Van Dyke Show
10) safari

... and what's the theme? The Beach Boys.


1) Thelonious Monk
2) The Manhattan, developed at the Manhattan Club
3) Alexander the Great
4) The Dreyfus Affair
5) "New York"
6) Leo
7) Philadelphia's own St. John Neumann
8) Silly Putty
9) Babu (the link's not the wrestler at all, but 100x better)
10) NBC

The theme was Seinfeld.

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