Thursday, April 26, 2007

Week in review

The big news of the week was Group W's nearly record-setting performance at Frank's. They scored a ridiculous 171 in one of my harder quizzes, blowing away the field. Note at the right side of this page that that's the second-highest score in the history of this format. W is almost impossible to photograph, kinda like getting decent footage of mating sharks. Again, you just need to come out to Frank's on a Wednesday night and see them in action. I'm using this photo to represent them, it's a male and a female with a ball. Group W are a male and female, and this week were joined by the similarly purposeless-but-fun Mr. Ball. It's a visual pun, and taken in Iraq to boot. Am I going to Hell yet..? Dave from Group W was also awarded a hardback copy of Dirty Dave's 101 X-Rated Jokes as a spot prize, which is oddly selling for more than $37 Canadian on Go figure. It's not even funny.

Team Mike finished an honest last place and therefore won a used-but-intact edition of the game Adverteasing. It's a trivia game focused on advertising, and unfortunately if they play it as a group some of them will still lose. Thanks for coming out, guys! They almost screwed things up by getting 2 right in the Unreasonably Difficult Round too. Last by 3 points!

I'm happy to report that we had our second consecutive week of no shouted answers at Frank's. Thank you. The scores for this week follow...

Champs: Group W 171
So-So Silver: Suck Gas Evildoers 134

Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Prufrock 117


Holding Alli's Hair Back 75
Team Mike 73

We can only hope Alli gets better!

Over at Ray's on Tuesday night, a smaller version of our old friends Frankenberry Harvest won by a comfortable margin. The team walked home with some free drinks and another darn Adverteasing game! What can I say, there they were, they're cheap, they're trivia, I snagged a couple when available as prizes.
In second we had Machete, only one member of which was willing to appear on camera:
This fellow appears to be indicating that he's willing to commit as many as 5 lewd acts for $3. At least that's how I interpret that. Your scores:

Champs: Frankenberry Harvest 108
So-So Silver: Machete 92
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Cosine of 4 (Minus 2) 89


It's a Shame About Ray's 76
Shakes 43

There was light bar attendance this week. Hopefully things will pick up next week. Remember that you can play one or both quizzes as a completely new set of questions is written for each. I'll be posting the most challenging questions of the week and a whole lot more in the coming days. See you soon!


Columbia said...

From now on, I will address Mr. Ball as Wilson...

Machete said...

Actually, I am showing you how many fingers I will cut off the quizmaster and how much I was paid to do so.