Sunday, April 8, 2007

This week's hardest questions - a tall order!

I'm always as pleasantly surprised by what people get right in the most difficult rounds as I am amazed at what people don't know in the Easy Round. Sometimes the same team that doesn't know how many inches are in a foot will turn around and name the capital of some obscure nation 90 minutes later. When that happens I just scratch my prematurely balding head.

How well would you have done this past week? Here is a hybrid Unreasonably Difficult Round comprised of the toughest questions from both quizzes; I think between them only one went unanswered correctly. There wasn't a single question that no team nailed at Frank's this week, which tells me that it's not an impossible round, merely a highly improbable one. I'll post the answers in the coming week, or of course you can just look 'em up now...

1) What color are the VW bug taxis in Mexico City?
2) What is the capital of Malawi?
3) Name the 4 main islands of Japan.
4) Eric Clapton was Cream's guitarist and Ginger Baker played drums; who played bass?
5) On Seinfeld, what was Jerry's apartment number?
6) What is the capital of Mozambique?
7) What Hall of Fame baseball player played in more World Series games than any other?
8) What was the first Chinese dynasty (c. 1500 BC)?
9) What country produces more gold annually than any other?
10) In what American city did the sit-com Alice take place?

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