Sunday, April 15, 2007

Study hard for this week's upcoming quizzes

Another week, another two big quizzes here in the City That Never Stops Shooting. As usual I'm posting the weekly recitation of dates (stable), times (stable), locales (stable) and Subject Round subjects (wildly varied). Be sure to study up and bundle up, you'll be exposed to some cold, hard facts this harsh April.

Your mid-week evening social calendar looks like this:

Tuesday, April 17, 8:30pm
Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, 9th & Federal Sts.

Wednesday, April 18, 9pm
Dirty Frank's, 13th & Sansom Sts.

It'd be great to see as many people as possible at one or both; there are two entirely different sets of questions. I'm planning on working with the staff at both bars to try and secure the normal quiz atmosphere one can expect at more established games in Center City. Thanks for your patience while the kinks are worked out.

There will be last place prizes for deserving teams (i.e. you must play the whole game and appear to me to be actually trying to do well) at both.

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