Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ray's Bar now a stable Tuesday night venue!

I'm pleased to announce that Ray's Happy Birthday Bar in South Philly is now our new stable Tuesday night venue! I'm shooting for an 8:30pm start. I have to add the "pm" because Ray's opens at 7am, and trust me those folks don't want no pub quiz.

Ray's is a link to South Philly's past, having been owned by the same family at the same location since 1938. A new crop of cool kids has recently discovered its under-bar pee trough (no longer connected to plumbing, please use the bathrooms) and Ladies' Entrance, but it's still a great place to watch the locals. I grew up (assuming I have grown up!) with bartender Paul E., and I think we'll make a fine team. I'm looking forward to this. Come on out! The more support we get, the longer the bar keeps the event going.

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