Monday, April 16, 2007

Finn McCool's unceremoniously pulls the plug


... on less than 30 hours' notice. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks for nothin'. Don't let me know before I send out an email, post things online or write the damn quiz. It's best to wait until the last minute, right? I mean, it's only my labor, right? There will be no quiz at Finn McCool's, neither this Tuesday nor evermore. The good news is that I'm already talking with a bar in South Philly (basically Bella Vista) about replacing FM's as soon as tomorrow night.

The bar never did a damn thing on their end to promote the quiz, I had to call and badger them even to get the event on their own sandwich chalkboard outside on the sidewalk. They never advertised having the quiz. I'd put a sign up in the day, they'd take it down by evening. I came to them with a proposal to get the Fergie's cast-aways, they pussyfooted around but ultimately did nothing. I'd come in with fliers for the regulars, they wouldn't give them out. The last few weeks I was also the sole prize provider, which obviously does nothing to draw a crowd. That leaves us with the "regulars," not that there are many there on a Tuesday, who approached the possibility of winning free booze via answering trivia questions the way a person might approach a free offer of alien anal probing. Not a bright group, really, but at least polite for the most part.

These guys couldn't even talk with me directly, they had the bartender give me a ring. Nice touch.

I'll let people know ASAP what the status of the Tuesday night quiz is via this site and email. Thanks for your continued patience.


Cornplanter said...

Finn McDouche. That place sucked anyway. Big deal--you win some and lose some. F'em.

Anonymous said...

Screw 'em. A Coke there is $2.