Friday, April 27, 2007

This week's reduplicative questions

The Subject Round at this week's Frank's quiz was Reduplication, in which all the answers had the common element of repeated syllables (for example Walla Walla, Washington or Lulu). Here's the whole round, how many would you have answered correctly? The winning team answered nine, the second-place team eight, and only one of the questions was not answered correctly by anyone in the room (#9). I'll post the answers in a few days. By the by, the duplicate soldiers were photographed by yours truly in Puebla, Mexico, the city that most of the people who cook your food in Philadelphia restaurants are from.

1) What 1966 Neil Diamond song was his first Top 10 hit single?
2) What Thor Heyerdahl book (1958) examined the origins of Easter Island's giant stone heads?
3) What rock'n'roll standard, first recorded by Richard Berry in 1955, became the subject of an infamous mid-'60s FBI obscenity investigation?
4) What South African bishop won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984?
5) What famous New York prison was known as "Mt. Pleasant" when it opened back in 1828?
6) What character on the cartoon Drawn Together is a caricature of Pikachu from Pokemon?
7) What disease of the nervous system is caused by a Vitamin B1 deficiency? Hint: it's the Sinhalese for "I cannot, I cannot."
8) What's the capital of American Samoa?
9) What well-known children's book ends with a recipie for Monsieur Bon-Bon's Secret Fooj?
10) The Ohio Express had two Top 20 hits in 1968 with songs with reduplicative titles. Name one for 2 points & both for 4.

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