Sunday, April 15, 2007

This week's most interesting questions

As a sample of what you might expect at one of the quizzes I host, here are a few questions from my final, 10-question Unreasonably Difficult Round at Dirty Frank's last week. Each question is worth 6 points, and this round comes last. Following that is the entirety of my Secret Theme Round, ten 5-point questions which are not directly connected, but with answers which form a non-linear theme which a team earns 8 extra points for figuring out. Good luck! Answers to all will be posted in a few days.

1) What Greek mathematician was the first to figure out that there are an infinite number of prime numbers?
2) For 2 points/@, what 3 American universities have dominated the NCAA wrestling championship since its inception over 40 years ago (few other schools have won championships)?
3) If you arranged the Periodic Table of the Elements alphabetically, which would be first?

There were seven other Qs of this calibre... moving on to the Secret Theme:

1) In the original (British) series The Office, what's the first name of Tim's love interest?
2) What famous Irishman was recently named a Knight of the British Empire?
3) What midwestern American city was named in honor of George Washington by way of a Roman emperor?
4) Who was convicted of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombings?
5) What planet in our solar system has the tallest mountain?
6) What 1965 Elvis Presley movie features the King having Arabian adventures?
7) Who was Josef Broz better known as?
8) What rotund Philadelphia Phillie outfielder was on the 1980 World Championship team?
9) What was Dr. Seuss' only vulpine book?
10) What variety of hat gets its name from a city in Morocco?

... and what's the theme that links all of these answers? Only one Frank's team managed to get the 8 bonus points last week!

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Nice picture. Very 'Taxidermia."