Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you fancy Schmancy?

I'm a sucker for anthropomorphized corporate logos. I love a duck house with a maniacally smiling duck logo or the Michelin Man, that sort of thing. So imagine my delight in discovering the plush meats and other anthropomorphic foods of Schmancy, a hipster knitting outlet that will let you cuddle with your all too human breakfast. This is completely unnecessary wonderful stuff that I'd be buying if I had unlimited disposable income and display space. Who doesn't want a plush roast beef toy?


Columbia said...

Hmpf. Why don't you cuddle with Mr. Roast Beef this weekend then?

Cornplanter said...

On Saturday I saw the Hatfield Pig at Scrapplefest. I was hoping he would transform into Mr. Scrapple.

Quizmaster, what would the name of the Scrapple mascot be?

Speak, Quizmaster.

Cowbell said...

The scrapple of my eye?

QuizMasterChris said...

The name would have to be Scrappy.